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Connie & Tommy Kilpatrick
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Learn the Business

Connie and Tommy are retirees of Texas Instruments/Raytheon and live on Lake Fork.  They fish every day that they can.

Connie and Tommy are also consultants for rod and reel repair. Let them teach you the business and how to open your own shop. You will be an expert in the exciting world of rod and reel repair and become very successful and earn lots of money.

We are proud to announce the that we are re-opening our company, Lake Fork Tackle Repair. Our experience thru the years of repair on many different reels, we have learned the Shimano Reels have become our favorite.

We have decided to dedicate our shop to "Shimano Freshwater Baitcasters". We fish exclusively with Shimano reels and we want to offer this specialized service to Shimano anglers.

As in the past we will provide the same personalized service and expert repair that has contributed to our excellent reputation in the field of rod and reel repair.  We pride ourselves in providing you with excellent service with a fast turnaround.  We know the importance of having your fishing equipment in top shape.

Tommy and Connie Kilpatrick

"Connie and Tommy Kilpatrick" Many years in the making! We are proud to announce our new video for anglers to learn how to clean and maintain their own fishing reels.

This is a must have video for any angler who has attempted to clean their own reel and ended up sending all the parts in a baggie to a repair shop. Now you can clean reels in your leisure time, whenever you want to, no waiting, no down time off the water. Keep all your reels in tip top shape with this easy and informative video.

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Lake Fork Tackle Repair

We are scheduling 2015 & 2016 business training classes and seminars. Contact us for more information about availability here at our shop.

Shimano Freshwater Baitcasting Reels

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